Webmaster FAQ

FAQ for webmasters

This is a list of site-management topics for persons on the Webmaster Committee. Committee members, add to or edit this list as inspired. Put your initials & date at the end to signify that you are carrying responsibilities for that topic. Feel free to clarify, correct, or complete any topic--just do changes under the blessing of the final-edit person.  

Quick View - Site Traffic Report

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CampWinni Summary Traffic Report

  [ guest access ] Other reports are available at these pages.
Note: This link goes to the Stat Counter web site.  -Len 16Aug05

Password & Edit/Login Capabilities

AtomicShops provides one administrative password for editing-access to the whole site. Also, specific pages can be protected with an additional password. Both standard users and logged-in users must enter a page's password to get to password-protected pages--each page can have its own password. Unfortunately, AtomicShops is blind as to what user is logged in for editing. It thinks there is only one editor-user. If one committee member is already logged in while another is trying to log in, the first one is automatically logged off, without notice of any kind--an annoying limitation. In practice, it may not be much of a problem as changes are always getting saved and, with some minor coordination on the part of the chair, editing can be scheduled to avoid having two or more trying to edit at the same time.   -Len 16Aug05 

How can I make sure my visits aren't counted when I use/edit campwinni site?

StatCounter will not count your visits to the site when a StatCounter blocking cookie has been installed for the browser you are using. Note: The cookie must be installed at each browser you use.

--- How to install

1.  Log in to StatCounter

  • ID = CampWinni
  • Password = winniloon

2.  Click on the link for  [somewhere at top of screen]

3.  Click on the link for  [in list on left side]

- Len 4/5/12


How are FONTS made available to all pages?

Tracking code feature is used -- at "Power Tools" via "My Pages." Page must be checked at check box for the fonts to be used.

--- this added to tracking code

<link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Slab:300,400,700|Roboto:300|Catamaran:300|EB+Garamond' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
--- help at
"To insert the code so that it affects all of your pages you may place it within 'Edit Site' -> 'My Pages' -> 'Power Tools' -> 'Insert Tracking Code'. Remember to check the pages, or select all pages, and then click on 'Save'." 

What is the maximum image size.

The image size is determined by the pixel size. The authoring help says, 

"Green Warning Please note: The image uploader will automatically resize images that are bigger than 640 x 640 pixels.  The image ratio / proportions will still stay the same."

So, it seems an image can be no bigger than 640 pixels in either the vertical or horizontal dimension.