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What is the interfaith profile of Winni?

All faiths are encouraged to attend Winni and it tends to reflect the character of New England. Winni was begun as a Protestant organization and those roots are still evident today. Expect to find respect and reverence for the Bible. Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant campers—and others—are all regulars at Winni. Some take it quite literally, others more symbolically, and even more can't be so easily described. One finds an amazing tolerance for the views of others and an ethic to grow that tolerance.

How is Winni run?

NNESRE is incorporated, as a not-for-profit organization and has a Board of Trustees. Geneva Point Center provides the meals, a nurse, and staff to run the physical facilities. NNESRE brings its own staff and teachers to run the Ed School for children, the classes for adults, and evening programs for all. The top level of operating responsibilities is carried by the chaplain, dean, and business manager—all appointed by the NNESRE board or one of its committees. Virtually all NNESRE board members and Winni staff are regulars at Winni. Teachers and the Chaplain sometimes come to Winni for their first time in their hired role. "Hired" loosely applies here. Compensation is only in the form of reduced fees and reimbursed expenses. NNESRE has no payroll and is completely run by volunteers.

Is Winni a great place for children?

Very. Great care is taken to insure the safety of children. Parents often report on how safe it feels for their children. GPC has a resident nurse, with office hours and a cell phone that is always on. The designated swim periods are always staffed by trained life guards. All children must pass a swim test before being allowed to swim to the deep water raft. As a community, everyone looks out for the children and the children help each other.

How are the meals?

Just about everyone asks this question. The meals are excellent camp-fare, with a salad bar at lunch and dinner and additional options available on request. Contact the Business Manager—see Contact page—if you have special food needs.

Are scholarships available?

There are a limited number of scholarships—or partial scholarships—available. Contact the business manager for details. Contributions to the scholarship fund are greatly appreciated and will provide a great service.

Can I register online?

No, online registration is not available but you can download the registration form at the Registration page.

Who do I talk to about . . .

My accommodations? Business Manager
My bill? Business Manager
Who to see about diet/food or cabin needs? The Dean
How to send or receive mail? The GPC Office
Where are the wireless hot spots around campus? Ask any 12 year old
Where do I publicize something? The GEMS Editors (write the request on the back of a $20 bill). We are in the Chapel, first door on the left.
Where is today's schedule of activities? Yesterday’s GEMS
Where might my child be?
  • During the morning — the Ed. School Directors.
  • During the afternoon — they are probably at the beach.
  • At night — better get you a flashlight.
How do I participate in worship services? Bless you, my child. Please see the Chaplain.
How do I help out? See the Dean or the Evening Coordinators – they are the ones most often overwhelmed.
Can I find a babysitter? The Ed. School Directors might know of financially motivated teens. Otherwise, check around your campsite for willing campers.
Wisdom where? The "Porch Potatoes" on the front Inn Porch — most often around noontime and frequently delivered in song; on the raft in the middle of the lake; or anyone interesting to you.

What information for newcomers?

Check out the "Newcomers' ABC Guide to Winni" by the editors of GEMS. It is in the Community section of this website along with other interesting tidbits.