Myths and Lore

Myths and Lore

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Porch Potatoes

Individuals enjoying the important task of engaging the Winni community from the Inn Porch via people watching, sharing "wisdom" and singing — lots of singing. Tall tales are welcome all-of-the-time and truth most of the time. It started many years ago with Deb Rowe, Jon Arnold, Kevin Weston, Beth LeBar and others deciding to relax on the Inn Porch during classes. 

The Wizard

The five and six year olds have, on rare occasions, been visited by the Wizard [in full regalia, including a very fine staff]. Some magic with fairie houses—built by the children—brought the Wizard to a place near the Pine Forest. One six year-old even reported spotting the wizard in the dinning room one day – incogneato as a normal camper.!? The Wizard reluctantly fessed up to not being just an ordinary camper. And yes, a few parents have apparently been let in on this secret by these observant children. Pictures allegedly exist but legend has it, his charms are so strong that nare a single photo ever makes it to the webmaster.