NNESRE Registration

Registration & Rates, 2023

At this time, there is not online registration. View housing descriptions and pictures at Geneva Point Center's website [opens in a new window/tab].
Download Registration Form as a PDF document or download the complete brochure.
Registrations received by April 15 will be evaluated for accommodations as follows:
  1. Those with disabilities/special needs
  2. Seniority* (“I resided there last year”)
  3. Faculty/staff member status
  4. Best use of space, or other criteria determined appropriate by the Business Committee.

* Seniority Status

“Seniority Status” can only be granted for registrations received prior to April 15. Registrations received after April 15 will be assigned lodging by date received. So, if you’d like to sleep in the same bed as last year then please have your registration completed with the room number and mailed prior to April 15.


And don't worry tenters, there are pretty much unlimited spaces as long as you stay away from 1 – 4, unless you want to pay the higher rate. View housing descriptions and pictures at Geneva Point Center's website [opens in a new window]. Please e-mail the Business Manager, Leslie Dockendorff at jdock488 [at symbol] sbcglobal [dot] net if you desire a more detailed description of lodging areas and amenities. 


Pillows and blankets are standard for all rooms. Linens (two bed sheets, one pillowcase, two bath towels, and one wash cloth – towels renewed mid-week), however, are only included for the following rooms: Lakeview Lodge/Cabins, Gibbes, State Line, Cottage F, Cabin Z, Chapel Line. Others may rent linens for $14.96 per set (extra towel set $8.93). This fee will be added to your May final invoice after lodging assignments have been finalized. Please contact GPC directly (603-253-4366) to rent motorized carts.

How Fees Are Determined

Lodging fees are based on a complete occupancy theory; meaning, the more filled beds you have in your room then the lower your costs per person. So, if you stay at Lakeview Lodge then your fee for the week is $1395, regardless of whether you are a single or you fill it up with five happy campers.
Conference fees cover faculty/staff subsidies, program expenses and meeting space. Our conference fees for 2023 will be $160 for those age 21 and over and $150 for those under age 21. If you register by April 15 you will receive discount of $10 per person! 


Scholarship assistance is available upon request (please email the business manager for an application). These funds are designed to offset some of the costs for those who may otherwise choose not to attend Winni. All scholarship requests must be in writing and sent in with registration to the Business Manager and will be reviewed and authorized by the Scholarship Committee. Notice of scholarship grant will be provided with final invoice and scholarships will only be given to lodging under $913 a week to prevent “upgrading.” If you are granted a scholarship and would like to “give back” by providing volunteer assistance during the week, please contact the Dean(s) about your willingness to do so.

Check In / Check Out Reminder

Check in time is 3:00PM Saturday August 3 and check out time is 10:00AM Saturday August 10, 2024.