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 Winni News! 

Please find below, your official permission to clear Winni off your calendar for this year. Our crack archivist, Kate Fiorvanti,tells me that this is not without precedent - apparently World War II got in the way of NNESRE meeting back in the 1940's. However, this is the first time that it has been cancelled due to an abundance of love, respect, and care for one another. Hopefully, our caution now will create the space for everyone to return to camp in 2021 - healthy and confident for a great week. Below are the comments from the folks at the helm during this challenging time:

From Joe Morrissey - Chairperson for the NNESRE Board of Trustees:

Hello fellow campers,

We, the Board of Trustees, have decided to cancel camp at Geneva Point Center for the 2020 session. We hope that everybody understands this decision, heartbreaking though it is, was made with the health of all campers and GPC staff in mind. The camp provided 92+ responses (in only 12 hours!) to the 1-question survey that contributed to the deliberations and allowed us to

carefully weigh the risks of opening versus the risks associated with closing during this troubled time. The vote was not unanimous and was made after a thoughtful, heartfelt discussion from all, trustees and non-trustees alike, who attended the virtual meeting of Saturday, May 23. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the NNESRE Google drive for all to see at a later date.

Although we cannot be physically together this year, discussions are ongoing regarding having something online during the week of August 1 to keep us together as a community and perhaps alleviate some of the sadness many will feel during that time. We will keep you all informed of developments and welcome any volunteers who would like to contribute to that effort. Those interested in volunteering can contact Chris Dockendorff at

Everyone is encouraged to submit ideas which will be reviewed once our “virtual ad-hoc committee” is in place. Once that occurs, the conceptualization of "Virtual Winni" will begin.

This is a challenging time for all of us, but it has been said that from adversity comes strength. It is our sincere belief that once this crisis is behind us, we will obtain a greater appreciation of what we have, and future camp sessions will be all the stronger for it.


The NNESRE Board of Trustees

Jason Brosious
Amy Bruch (secretary)
Allie DiTucci
Chris Dockendorff
Jim Dockendorff (vice-chairperson) Deanna Finlayson
Bill Foster
Joel Garrett
Derrick Hall
Ben Hawthorne
Kate Milford
Joe Morrissey (chairperson) Haley Nisson
Kyle Nisson

Susan Nisson (treasurer) Robbie Wilcox-Smith