2018 Theme

This is the shorthand of the quote by Mahatma Gandhi of "Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World." and having spent a moment looking at the history of the quote - apparently he never said it. However, he did write legions of things that actually meant this so at least he planted the seed. I am sure once we stick it on a t-shirt, we'll hear from a lawyer for someone who has it copyrighted and there goes the money for the ice cream social.
But these are daring times so we are going to go for it - and that is what this quote challenges us to do - be the change, dare to be the difference, dare to be different, and take how you live one place and transport it to others who need that change there, also.
So we will look for Winni 2018 to be a time of celebrating our community and exploring ways we can learn and share from one another - and bringing that change out in the world to make a difference.
The theme is chosen (or so says the by-laws) by the Deans n' Chaplains and we had a bunch of good ideas so we threw it up on the NNESRE Facebook page to get feedback and feedback we got! Never knew there was so much enthusiasm for the theme! We realize not everyone is on Facebook so next year we will figure out a more equitable process.
Much love for a peaceful Fall, Bill Milford