Deans re. 2020

From Travis and Carrie Leap: Co-Deans

Change. It’s something that we all have at least a little bit of trouble navigating. Yet, most often change is thrust upon us and we must react accordingly. This pandemic has brought so much change to all of our lives - it’s amazing how different our world looks now compared to a few months ago.

One thing that has not changed is the resolve and the depth of the Winni community. I have been so encouraged by the outpouring of love and desire to support one another. As we move forward throughout the coming year, I implore each of you to do what you can to support one another and our community. Reach out to your fellow campers anyway you can... Host a Winni campfire... send a text... post some photos on our Facebook page!

The decision to cancel “camp as we know it” was difficult for all of us. Personally, I was holding on to hope that we could make something happen, but then it became very clear to me that I was putting my own desire above the best and safest solution for all. I am so proud of our board of trustees for the thoughtful discussion leading to their decision - and for their commitment to seeking to continually build an institution which is accessible to all.

As we move forward into the summer of 2020, I urge anyone who is interested in taking part in the committee to review hosting certain parts of camp online to step forward. Currently, this is just an idea that will take input and creativity from you (Yes, YOU!) to make it a reality. While we will not be able to provide the authentic camp experience, let’s do what we can to help preserve the rhythm of life and the spirit of camp!

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that this community has the strength and resilience to withstand these struggles. If you are finding that the struggles of life are difficult, please reach out to a fellow camper. Don’t hesitate! We are all in this together!

If you have comments or suggestions moving forward, please reach out to Carrie and/or me and we will do what we can! We cannot wait to see you all again in person. Until then, we will be available digitally to send our love your way!


Peace, love, Winni! Travis