I was Thinking

A Hundred Years from Now

This is a snapshot of an article that appeared in
the "Post GEMS" for 2016
full article here.

I was thinking, it was, indeed, a grand celebration this year of our 100th Anniversary. ... [and] how I don’t know the names or actions of the folks who founded NNESRE 100 years ago. And I wondered what they would think if they if they were to have attended our conference this year.
. . .
100 years from now, folks really won’t know too much about us. ... Hopefully our great-great-great grandkids will still be coming to Winni and will just be saying “our family has always come here.” ...if you are the GEMS Editor in 2116, and you are poking around looking for material for your 200th Anniversary Issue and you come across this. Please tell everybody we love them, we are proud of them, and we hope that you “Live Winni” in such a way that it richly feeds your soul, as it has ours.
Bill Milford, Co-Dean