Build Camaraderie & NNESRE funds  

Dearest dear Winnites, (I don’t throw the double dear around very often so you know this is an important occasion!) Now is the time for all good Winni-ers to come to the aid of your NNESRE.  We have a special year and we don’t come around knocking too often – so please hear my awesome opportunity of a pledge drive.

We are using the occasion of NNESRE’s 100th Anniversary to have a FUN-RAISER!  What’s the difference between a Fundraiser and a Fun-Raiser, you ask?  For the traditional "raiser," you give till it hurts — for this, give just to be part of the party!  This is not a high stress, high stakes request – but one to see how many people we can get on board, in a short time, with whatever amount you are comfortable with…. Our goal is to build camaraderie and our NNESRE funds! 

However, the most important thing we want to do here is build community so that is why our Pledge Drive is a 100 of 100’s – our goal is to get at least 100 people to pledge a 100 of something to our drive.  This should be a snap because it could be 100 pennies or nickels – or dollars – don’t let me discourage you.  But this way – we can get kids on board with understanding that it takes everyone to help our NNESRE community thrive.  These are pledges that can be mailed to our lovely and talented Business Manager Leslie Dockendorff or you can bring them to camp and I will find you…..  But our hope is to get EVERYONE to donate something that is within your comfort zone. 

So whether you are attending camp this year or not, I hope you will consider being part of our pledge drive.  All contributors will be acknowledged at camp and in the GEMS, but not their donation amount  — anonymity option available too. So please be part of our Fun-Raiser and one of our 100’s of 100’s!  Here is how you do it.

Simply click this link:  2016 Winni Pledge Drive - Count Me In!

You’ll simply be asked for your name, email, and what denomination of hundreds of things would you like to donate: (Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100,  – or pick your own amount!).  If you have already made a donation to the Scholarship Fund and would like that applied – there is an option to do so.

Just when you thought – wow, thank you for this opportunity to become more involved with Winni – there’s more!  Everybody who brings FUN or FUNDS to Winni this year will receive this ultra special, unique, beautiful, hand crafted, made in USA but printed on YOUR BODY….

Your Very Own Exclusive


Simply click this link:  2016 Winni Pledge Drive - Count Me In!

If you aren’t coming to Winni and would like one, let us know and we will send you one.  These big budget spectaculars only come around once every hundred years so be part of the party!

Thank you so much!

Bill and Joann Milford


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